Play Space Inspiration

I love these examples because they are the real deal, rather than Pinterest perfect. They are safe, practical, “yes” rooms, and I’m hoping they will inspire ideas of your own…

Katijah “Here are a couple of pictures of our play space…Keep in mind my kids range in age from 5 months through to 11 years.”

Katijah Edris

Katijah Edris 1

Hannah: “After reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, I was inspired to clean up my kids’ space. They are 4 (G) and 2 (B). I threw away/gave away/put away a bunch of their toys. They also have a play kitchen on the other side of the living room, a few stuffed animals in their bedroom, and a bunch of outdoor toys that I still need to go through (it’s easy to forget what all is out there since I don’t see it all the time). They actually play with all of their things now, and it takes no time at all to clean the space up. The art supplies are on the top shelf so that my son can’t easily reach them since he likes to draw on everything if given the chance.”

Hannah Eroh

Sara S: “Here’s our organization. The drawers and blue hanging device on the right are for clothes.” 

Sara Stahlman

Sara Stahlman 1

Amanda:  “Here are our play spaces. Toys are very sparse but get played with for long periods of time. Wooden car,drum, silks, felt balls, 2 board books, and arches.”

smaller Amanda Gooch- Kenney

“My nearly 4 year old’s play table, wooden ship, and barn with animals.”

small Amanda Gooch-Kenney 2

Lauren:  “Here’s our play space for our nearly 16 month old. I have toys on the one shelf, a big basket of balls and a few key items out in the floor that are his favorites at that time – currently his box of blocks, a dump truck, a silver bowl and wooden spoon, and a push “mower.” I try to rotate every few weeks, bringing in some new things and taking the items out that he’s shown less interest in.”

Lauren Lamkin Grancio

Lauren Lamkin Granicio

Leah: “Here is the space for my daughter. I work from home two days a week, so these are photos of our shared office/play space (no photos of my desk here… it is gated off so I’m fenced in while we work/play).  My desk is just to the right of the rocking boat/steps. Perhaps I should mention that she’s 9 months, so I’m sure this space will evolve with her!”

Leah Weckworth

Sara M:  This one is in the main area for a 11 mo old and 2, 2.5yr olds.”

Sara Midwood

“…And this is the gated-off area just for the older boys. Previously, it was the baby’s play area until he got super mobile. Now they can go in there to do those things little brother shouldn’t interfere with.”

sara midwood 2

Sheena: “His bedroom.”

Sheena Starks

“I quite often just put his mattress on the floor for a roll around.”

Sheena Starks 1

Kirsten: “My son can currently reach the bottom two shelves. We keep a basket of balls and a basket of wooden blocks. He has between 6-8 books on his shelf at a time. We are a bilingual home, so half in each language. He has one wooden puzzle out at a time. Plus some stuffed animals. He likes to pull out the box on the bottom shelf and put things in and take them out. He can’t pull out the other two boxes yet. We have definitely found that less toys means more independent play.”

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