Will You Let Your Children Play?

“Letting our children play” sounds easy and so obvious, doesn’t it?
We all know play should be encouraged, because it’s essential for healthy development: physical, cognitive, psychological and, most imperatively, the development of extended potty breaks for parents. Yet many of us find it surprisingly difficult to refrain from interrupting or interfering when our children play. This might be because:

A friend with two kids under three read one of your today and remarked that she’d been harassing her kids to finish breakfast while they’d been making their spoons talk to each other. Inspired by what you wrote, she stopped bothering them. They played in their seats for a full half hour in quiet delight. She says it’s changed her outlook entirely.

We are excited to show children how it’s done or share our ideas with them. Nadia Bata from Amman, Jordan, shared a moment of clarity:

There was a small thing today that made it all very clear. My son and it has a fence made up of four parts, all the same. They hinge together to create a long piece. I have always been showing him how to use it as a fence, and I even went as far as putting his animals in there and feeding them. He was never really interested for long.

Today I just watched, and commented, and expressed joy… he turned the “fence” into a worm (he got it to move like a worm would), and he then turned it into a slide for the sheep….afterwards he made it into a triangle shape, placed his sheep inside and told me that his sheep had a car!!! How amazed was I? The best part about it all is that he is much happier playing this way, I can see a big difference, and he can tell that I appreciate him as he is, doing what he can and wants to do.

Where children perceive an eng

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